Parsoua Mahtash

Parsoua Mahtash was born in 1980 in Bandar Abbas, Iran. He spent his childhood in different cities and learned all about visual arts under the supervision of renowned artists. He then continued his career in painting and drawing.

After taking part in several individual and group exhibitions both inside and outside the country as well as publishing some of his works, he decided to withdraw from publicly exhibiting his works and engaged himself in studying and working on specialized techniques of art history masters in particular artists of nineteenth century.

Meanwhile, parallel to his main profession, he embarked on discovering and experiencing various artistic fields including photography, stage design, music, graphic design, advertisement, branding, etc. which resulted in cooperation with well-known brands and completing special individual and group projects.

After 15 years of studying advance techniques of 19th century painters plus experiences in various fields, he started a new beginning in his career which has eventually shaped his first painting collection titled “Re-Location A trilogy” which was exhibited in Aaran Gallery in July 2021

Parsoua Mahtash has taught painting and drawing standards based on international academic methods in established institutions in the last 17 years and he has passed on the principle knowledge of painting and drawing onto many young artists.

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