Jalali Sousan Abadi

Jalali Sussan-Abadi comes from the union of traditional elements combined with the rare modern sensibility. His subject matter is a historical epic, mythology, religion, and sentiment are embodied in paintings of heroes, lovers, sages, and demons.
The artful precision of his technique has an almost magnetic quality, drawing the viewer into compositions of watercolor on paper that glow with the translucency of enamel. Combining gestural washes with an ink drawing of exacting precision, his work has a vitality and sense of perspective that is original in the history of the Persian miniature.

The orders of intertwined beasts frame many of his compositions, their ferocity modulated by execution in a line of such delicacy that it seems to have been produced by a brush of three hairs. The history of the miniature form reaches a modern synthesis in this work: Jalali ranges from limpid exactitude through impressionistic forcefulness, his skill and knowledge always at the service of his goal of emotionally’ affecting depiction.

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