Abass Poursafa

Abbasali  Poorsafa was born in Esfahan in 1921 . he went to Eliyeh school for his six years of primary school and in 1939 he went to technical school in 1937 . in 1939 the school of fine arts broke away from technical school . at the newly established technical school majors such as Miniature , steel engraving , gold netting , ceramic work , fret work , enameling , carpet weaving , painting and nature building was being taught by deceased Essa Bahadori . Abbas ali Poorsafa was studying at the new technical school , drawing and nature building . the first Poorsafa’s teacher was deceased Essa Bahadori and after him Mohammad Moayedi taught him landscape painting with oil base paint and using models . Poorsafa learned portraits on his own . about this , he says << I remember when I was student , Mr. Rokhsar who was one of the topest students of Kamalol Molk used Mr. Bahadori as a model and draw his face with oil based paint . in order to learn portraits  I copied ten times from that model >> . Master Poorsafa coexisted with deceased Aboo Ata and Mr. Rostam Shirazi with some other distinguished people of their time . after graduating from technical school , he went to Tehran university and continued his studies on drawing . later on because of Mr. Bahadori and his parents insisted on him going back to Esfahan , he did that before his graduation and returned to Esfahan and in Year 1943 he was hired as the faculty of school of fine arts . Poorsafa who was awarded the highest ranking medal in art has invented the use of picture of buildings and monuments and also doted portrait in carpet weaving . during thirty on years Poorsafa has trained many art students and has been participated in tens of domestic and foreign art shows . also a number of his works has been kept in foreign and domestic museums .

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