Hadi Tajvidi

Mohammad Hadi Tajvidi was born in 1892 in Isfahan, Esfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran. His father, Mohammad Ali Soltanlaktab Esfahani, and his grandfather, Mirzababa Esfahani, were artists. His brothers Mohammad Kazem and Mehdi were also outstanding in drawing.

Hadi Tajvidi and his brother Mehdi came to Tehran in 1917 to join the disciples of Mirza Yahya Khan Pashtabashi.
Tajvidi also showed interest in music and was a pupil of Darvish Khan.
Later Tajvidi entered the university and learned the style of classical painting and naturalization. Thereafter Tajvidi went on his study in the field and in 1928 received a diploma in painting.

Mohammad Hadi Tajvidi was an Iranian musician and painter who revived Iranian miniature after nearly three centuries of interruption and recession in its traditional style, and was the founder of Tehran Miniature School.

Born: 1892; Isfahan, Iran
Died: 1940; Tehran, Iran

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