Abbas Rostamian

Master Abbas Rostamian was born in Iran’s city of art, Esfahan, in 1949. The masterful architectural work that surrounded him gave inspiration for his very first compositions. His first sources of inspiration were the colors, forms and art works which remained from Persian culture. His father was involved in manufacturing jewelry, and this gave him the opportunity in his childhood to express his ideas on small pieces of painted shellfish used for special collars and bracelets.

It was not long until his family realized his extraordinary talent for painting. As teenage years went by, he found himself more devoted to painting, and he soon became well-known in Esfahan for his beautiful, intricate, artwork. During this time he developed a distinctive style, combining traditional miniature Persian painting with personal innovation, that progressed and became more refined as he entered adult-life. The medium of the incredibly detailed artworks that he produced, were small pieces of shellfish, this refined style attracted many admirers. Master Rostamian’s favorites subject matter were based on ancient buildings and traditional Iranian customs.

In 1967 he won a place in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture at Tehran University to study “Visual Arts”. Utilizing his considerable experience in traditional art gained in earlier life, he quickly mastered modern art and introduced himself to European art. During his studies he has experienced many different artistic styles, mainly graphical work and architecture. He concluded his studies four year later, gaining a prestigious award, as well as a Bachelor of Visuals Arts.

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