Mohammad Mehravan

He was born in 1305 in Tehran. His father, Ali Mehravan, was the architect and designer of traditional Iranian mosques and noble houses. After completing his primary education, Mehravan was introduced to the School of Ancient Crafts in 1931 by one of his relatives, who had noticed his love and interest in painting, so that he could be taught painting academically.

At the time of the professor’s arrival at the School of Ancient Crafts, this great art center Hossein Taherzadeh Behzad He was a well-known Iranian carpet designer and painter. He became an apprentice after an entrance exam Ali karimi Income and under Karimi, he learned the mystery of Iranian painting.

From Mehravan, a great designer Stamp Iran has left beautiful stamps. He designed these designs for different occasions of characters, special days, celebrations, etc. His stamp designs are kept in the Post Museum of Iran, Malek National Museum, Astan Quds Razavi Museum.

Born: 1305 Tehran Iran

Died: 1386 Tehran Iran

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