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Ali Fakhimi Art # 359


Artist: Ali Fakhimi

Subject: Princess 

Style:  Oil color

Material: Canvas

Painting Number: AF- 359

Size: 29 x 39 Inch

Size: 74 x 99 Centimeter

Created: 2018

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Iman Maleki

Iman Maleki was born in Tehran in 1976. He started painting at an early age. At the age of 15, he started painting under his one and only teacher- Morteza Katouzian who is one of the greatest realistic painter of Iran. In 1999, he graduated in graphic design from art academy of Tehran, Iran.
Since 1998, he has been participating in various art exhibitions and have established an art studio named ARA painting studio and teaching painting there. In the year 2005, Iman has received the William Bouguereau award and chairman’s choice award in ARC salon competition.
His paintings shows a beautiful sense of emotion and the viewer gets attached to his paintings. His paintings have an eye catching power that engages the viewer with themselves. He is one of the most expressive and greatest realistic painter of modern times. Some of his beautiful paintings have been shown here in this post, so that you also enjoy the beauty of his paintings 🙂

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Abass Poursafa

Abbasali  Poorsafa was born in Esfahan in 1921 . he went to Eliyeh school for his six years of primary school and in 1939 he went to technical school in 1937 . in 1939 the school of fine arts broke away from technical school . at the newly established technical school majors such as Miniature , steel engraving , gold netting , ceramic work , fret work , enameling , carpet weaving , painting and nature building was being taught by deceased Essa Bahadori . Abbas ali Poorsafa was studying at the new technical school , drawing and nature building . the first Poorsafa’s teacher was deceased Essa Bahadori and after him Mohammad Moayedi taught him landscape painting with oil base paint and using models . Poorsafa learned portraits on his own . about this , he says << I remember when I was student , Mr. Rokhsar who was one of the topest students of Kamalol Molk used Mr. Bahadori as a model and draw his face with oil based paint . in order to learn portraits  I copied ten times from that model >> . Master Poorsafa coexisted with deceased Aboo Ata and Mr. Rostam Shirazi with some other distinguished people of their time . after graduating from technical school , he went to Tehran university and continued his studies on drawing . later on because of Mr. Bahadori and his parents insisted on him going back to Esfahan , he did that before his graduation and returned to Esfahan and in Year 1943 he was hired as the faculty of school of fine arts . Poorsafa who was awarded the highest ranking medal in art has invented the use of picture of buildings and monuments and also doted portrait in carpet weaving . during thirty on years Poorsafa has trained many art students and has been participated in tens of domestic and foreign art shows . also a number of his works has been kept in foreign and domestic museums .

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Yervand Nahapetian

Yervand Nahapetian (1916 – 2006) was active/lived in Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran.  Yervand Nahapetian is known for Painting.

Born:  1916  Died:  2006

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Hadi Tajvidi

Mohammad Hadi Tajvidi was born in 1892 in Isfahan, Esfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran. His father, Mohammad Ali Soltanlaktab Esfahani, and his grandfather, Mirzababa Esfahani, were artists. His brothers Mohammad Kazem and Mehdi were also outstanding in drawing.

Hadi Tajvidi and his brother Mehdi came to Tehran in 1917 to join the disciples of Mirza Yahya Khan Pashtabashi.
Tajvidi also showed interest in music and was a pupil of Darvish Khan.
Later Tajvidi entered the university and learned the style of classical painting and naturalization. Thereafter Tajvidi went on his study in the field and in 1928 received a diploma in painting.

Mohammad Hadi Tajvidi was an Iranian musician and painter who revived Iranian miniature after nearly three centuries of interruption and recession in its traditional style, and was the founder of Tehran Miniature School.

Born: 1892; Isfahan, Iran
Died: 1940; Tehran, Iran
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Abbas Rostamian

Master Abbas Rostamian was born in Iran’s city of art, Esfahan, in 1949. The masterful architectural work that surrounded him gave inspiration for his very first compositions. His first sources of inspiration were the colors, forms and art works which remained from Persian culture. His father was involved in manufacturing jewelry, and this gave him the opportunity in his childhood to express his ideas on small pieces of painted shellfish used for special collars and bracelets.

It was not long until his family realized his extraordinary talent for painting. As teenage years went by, he found himself more devoted to painting, and he soon became well-known in Esfahan for his beautiful, intricate, artwork. During this time he developed a distinctive style, combining traditional miniature Persian painting with personal innovation, that progressed and became more refined as he entered adult-life. The medium of the incredibly detailed artworks that he produced, were small pieces of shellfish, this refined style attracted many admirers. Master Rostamian’s favorites subject matter were based on ancient buildings and traditional Iranian customs.

In 1967 he won a place in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture at Tehran University to study “Visual Arts”. Utilizing his considerable experience in traditional art gained in earlier life, he quickly mastered modern art and introduced himself to European art. During his studies he has experienced many different artistic styles, mainly graphical work and architecture. He concluded his studies four year later, gaining a prestigious award, as well as a Bachelor of Visuals Arts.

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Kamran Poyan

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Parsoua Mahtash Art # MH-167


Artist: Mahtash

Subject: Women by the window

Style:  Oil color

Material: Canvas

Painting Number: MH-167

Size: 36 x 27 Inch

Size: 92 x 69  Centimeter

Created: 1382 / 2003

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